Developing capacity in renewable energy is crucial to support Saudi Arabia programmes in adopting renewable energy and energy efficiency infrastructure. The ECCD team provided such capacity building in the KSA covering renewable energy system design, energy in buildings and socio-economic understanding geared to transition energy use to low carbon.

The team developed course materials incorporating different analytical tools design methodologies, practical examples and site visits. Examples include capacity building programmes in the areas of renewable resource mapping, energy efficiency, PV power generation from buildings and PV/ PV-hybrid power system modelling in Saudi Arabia (Solar Shaded Car Park Project) and the Solar Housing Project.  The training workshop was attended by over 50 academics and researchers from KAU and the University of Southampton. 

International Workshop for Progress in Solar Energy Applications

The workshop was organized by King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Chair for Energy Research (KSCER), to showcases research areas in solar energy and aims to highlight the challenges and opportunities in solar energy with relevance to Saudi Arabia.

The workshop was open by the President of KAU, with speeches by various parties including the Dean in KAU, the KSCER Chair Prof AbuBakr Bahaj and the KDCER Director Dr Abdulsalam Alghamdi. The workshop was attended by over 100 academics and researchers. 

Day 1 – Sunday 3rd February 2019:

  • اجتماع دولي حول الطاقة الشمسية وتطبيقاتها
  • International Meeting on Solar Energy & Applications
  • مركز الملك فيصل للمؤتمرات – قاعة 2 – 3
  • King Faissal Convention Center, Hall 2 – 3

Day 2 – Monday 4th February 2019:

  • حلقات تدريبية فنية
  • Technical Training Sessions
  • كلية الهندسة الكهربائية وهندسة الحاسبات
    14C07 معمل رقم 3 – الدور الاول – غرفة
  • College of Engineering Electrical and
    Computer Engineering Department, KAU
  • Lab 3 – 1st floor – Room 14C07

Click here to download Workshop Flyer and Programme